About KGN

Kwaliteit Gasmeting Nederland BV (KGN) was founded in 2011 to check if containers arriving to the port of Rotterdam contain fumigants/pesticides and -/or production gasses in concentrations which are harmful to people, when opening these boxes.

Millions of containers enter Rotterdam every year, one of the largest ports in Europe and it the gateway to the European market. Our location is right in the heart of the Rotterdam port between Maasvlakte I & II, were the largest sea terminals are situated.

KGN’s gaslabs are equipped with a SYFT-Voice 200 (Selective Ion Flow Tube mass spectrometry). This device identifies and measures a specified list of twenty gases within 2-5 minutes. The instrument can detect and identify over 400 different types of gases. On our drive through location we also have the possibility to work with GasMet DX4030 - FTIR analyser.

Via our “drive-through station” we can realize analysis within 5 minutes on the most common gasses requested by local government, if needed we can remove high concentrations of residual gas via forced ventilation. In most cases we remove the high concentrations within 2 days.


KGN can offer you:
- Measurement (via drive through and on location)
- Ventilation (forced and unforced)
- Fumigation
- RI&E report
- Custom documents

- VWA inspection
- Storage containers
- Handling
- Transportation
- Physical Inspection

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