From time to time containers are imported with an insect problem in the cargo. Then a curative fumigation with toxic gas can solve this problem. On the other hand importing countries can demand a fumigation certificate - or a phytosanitary certificate mentioning fumigation – before the imported container is allowed to be opened at destination.


For both problems we can deliver quick and easy solutions:

Fumigation of the container with Phosphine: for FOOD and FEED cargo.


Fumigation with Sulfuryldifluoride ("SF"): for wood (pallets and packaging)

The container is placed in an approved and secured "fumigation zone", and the gas is introduced. According to gas and ambient temperature the exposure period ranges from 24 hours to two weeks. After that the container is ventilated until gasfree measurement. You than have a safe container, without living creatures inside.


Both introduction of the toxic gas and the gasfree measurements are carried out by fully trained and licensed operators, called "fumigation leaders".


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