Every employer is responsible for the safety of his employees. Also when discharging containers from overseas. To determine whether a container is safe for entering, a gas measurement must be carried out by a specialized and licensed "gas doctor".


We measure on a standard and approved list of possible gases and vapors that can be present in a container.


Only when there is no exceeding of the limit levels, and the combination of the present gases doesn't give safety problems, the container is released for safe discharge.


Gas measurements can be carried out in the whole country. In the drive inn's we possess of equipment that uses the latest SIFT-technology (Selective Ion Flow technology) and FTIR technology. A highly accurate gasfree certificate can thus be delivered online, within a few minutes after presenting the container.


Gas concentration measurements on other locations can also be carried out with FTIR technology or hand measurement apparatus. Within about half an hour the measurement results and conclusions can be read online.


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